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Empire Golf maintains a corporate office located in Rancho Murieta, California. The corporate office staff serves as support and coordinates operations for all properties managed. Senior management and principals of Empire Golf work closely with and are readily accessible to our clients, and a number of specialists provide functional support to each facility we manage. They are experts in food and beverage management, hospitality, agronomy, golf operations, merchandising, inventory control, accounting, finance, and information technology. All activities are monitored to ensure that your facility is meeting its objectives.

The markets in which we operate are well known to our key personnel and ensure operational success. We combine detailed corporate supervision with entrepreneurial motivation for our on-site managers in all aspects of our operations.

Each golf course owner's goals are unique. At Empire Golf our objective is to understand those goals and make them a reality. Over the last fifteen years, we have developed and managed a wide variety of golf facilities. We do not believe in applying cookie-cutter plans to any of the facilities we manage. From the very beginning, Empire Golf's' senior management team is personally involved with every project. Our senior managers have daily contact with on-site management and make frequent visits to each facility throughout the year. We make certain that the lines of communication are open and that you remain well informed about the performance of your course. Empire Golf has extensive experience in the management of daily fee, private, and municipal facilities for private owners, municipal agencies, investors and real estate developers.

Planning and Budgeting

Empire Golf begins with comprehensive market research to develop a complete understanding of customers, competitors, and operational individuality before we determine the operational requirements of the facility. We then build a comprehensive business plan and budget. This plan is regularly monitored for performance and updated as necessary to address new opportunities.


Empire Golf is recognized as one of the most innovative and creative marketing companies in the golf industry. Because each golf course and market combination is unique, each facility plan begins with careful market research and analysis. We then develop and implement detailed marketing plans designed to maximize revenue, including creative promotions, programs, events, partnerships, and one-to-one marketing campaigns. Empire Golf was one of the first management companies in the golf industry to recognize and utilize a range of innovative electronic marketing solutions to harness the power of the World Wide Web to build strong customer loyalty.

Automation and Reporting

Empire Golf uses state-of-the-art electronic reservation and point-of-sale systems, streamlining operations and management reporting. As a result, the golf shop staff operates more efficiently and provides better customer service. Senior management can effectively monitor activities at each facility, ensuring that performance stays on track.


Accounting and reporting financial information is a vital link to the overall management of a golf course. With state-of-the-art systems and time-tested procedures, developed by personnel with exceptional expertise and operational experience, Empire Golf is capable of providing quality control and information gathering/dissemination techniques critical to golf course success. The corporate office provides accounting services for all of our facilities, which results in a very controlled and standardized approach, as well as economy of scale to our clients.

Human Resources

Through Human Resources, employees are provided with updated employee manuals, ongoing training, health benefits and SEP/IRA retirement plans for those who qualify. Human Resources also is a ready resource for our golf course management teams assisting with all their employee relations, payroll, benefits and workers' compensation needs.